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ANC Postpones Gauteng Cabinet Announcement After DA Rejects Unity Provincial Government

ANC Postpones Gauteng Cabinet Announcement After DA Rejects Unity Provincial Government

It appears there’s ongoing political tension in Gauteng involving the ANC and the DA regarding the formation of the provincial executive council (Exco). Here’s a summarized breakdown of the situation:

  1. Postponement of Announcement: The ANC leadership has instructed Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi to delay announcing the provincial executive council. This decision stems from disagreements with the DA, who have opted to boycott the new government of provincial unity (GNU).
  2. DA’s Position: The DA refused two MEC positions offered by the ANC, indicating a desire for more substantial roles. They assert that they have not reached an agreement with Lesufi on portfolio allocation.
  3. Unity Government vs. Coalition: The ANC in Gauteng clarifies that the DA was never part of a coalition government but rather a unity government, which does not entail formal agreements on portfolio distribution.
  4. Future Plans: Despite the DA’s opposition stance, the ANC remains committed to forming a unity government and invites all parties, including the DA, to participate constructively. They criticize the DA’s stance as divisive, emphasizing a collaborative approach rather than one of opposition.
  5. Premier’s Authority: Premier Panyaza Lesufi, expected to announce his cabinet soon, has faced criticism from the DA for not consulting them adequately before making announcements related to the Exco.
  6. Political Dynamics: The ANC accuses the DA of behaving uncooperatively and labels their stance as akin to a “spoilt brat.” They stress their intention to work with all parties in the interest of governing Gauteng effectively.

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