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Putin says he will take Trump ‘seriously’ on ending war

Putin says he will take Trump 'seriously' on ending war

Vladimir Putin has said Russia takes Donald Trump’s declaration that he could end the war “completely seriously”, although he doesn’t know the details of the proposals. The US presidential candidate previously claimed he could create peace in 24 hours if he makes it to the White House.

Vladimir Putin has said his preference for Joe Biden remains unchanged after watching fragments of the debate between the US president and Donald Trump.

Asked by a state television reporter if Mr Biden or Trump was better, if his publicly stated preference for Biden had changed after the debate, and if he had seen it, Mr Putin said: “Nothing has changed.”

“Did we not know what could come? We knew,” the Russian president added.

Mr Putin has several times said he feels Joe Biden is preferable as the future US president to Trump, even after Mr Biden cast the Kremlin chief as a “crazy SOB”.

Mr Putin said he had seen parts of the debate between both Mr Biden and Trump but he had other things to attend to.

“I saw some fragments,” Mr Putin said. “But I have enough to do.”

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