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Slovak Prime Minister Makes First Public Appearance Since Assassination Attempt

Slovak Prime Minister

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico Makes First Public Appearance Since Assassination Attempt, Criticizes Opponents and Commends Hungarian PM.

Slovakia’s Prime Minister, Robert Fico, made a resolute return to public life on Friday following a harrowing assassination attempt that left him seriously injured. Recovering from multiple wounds sustained during the May 15 attack in Handlova, Fico appeared at an evening event celebrating the national holiday commemorating Saints Cyril and Methodius’s arrival, receiving a warm reception from supporters at Devin Castle in the capital.

Addressing the gathered crowd, Fico took aim at what he described as liberal and progressive ideologies while lauding Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán for recent diplomatic efforts in Kyiv and Moscow. Fico’s stance included terminating Slovakia’s military assistance to Ukraine shortly after his coalition government took office on October 25. He has also opposed European Union sanctions against Russia and expressed reservations about Ukraine’s NATO accession.

A polarizing figure both domestically and internationally, Fico returned to power for the fourth time last year with his leftist party Smer, or Direction, securing victory in the parliamentary elections on a platform emphasizing pro-Russia and anti-American policies. Critics fear Slovakia may shift away from its pro-Western stance towards a model resembling Hungary under Viktor Orbán’s leadership.

Fico’s policies have sparked significant opposition, with thousands rallying in Slovakia’s capital and across the country to protest against his government’s direction.

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