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Philippines Raises Alarm after Recording 290,000 mRNA Vax Deaths

mRNA Vaccine deaths

Government officials in the Philippines are sounding alarms after the country has recorded a staggering 290,000 deaths linked to COVID mRNA vaccines. Unlike many other nations, Filipino lawmakers are taking decisive action, prompting the government to launch a comprehensive investigation into these deaths.

Recent hearings in the House of Representatives have highlighted a troubling surge in excess deaths following the rollout of COVID mRNA vaccines. These hearings revealed that the spike in deaths, which started occurring after the vaccines were introduced, is not related to COVID-19 itself.

During these hearings, lawmakers aimed to uncover the cause behind the more than 290,000 excess deaths among those vaccinated. Explosive testimonies and alarming data have sparked unprecedented discussions about the potential role of mRNA vaccines in these fatalities, as reported by Substack’s Aussie 17.

A significant portion of the hearings focused on the implications of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Global Pandemic Treaty. Congressman Dan S. Fernandez expressed concerns about the treaty’s potential restrictive measures and mandatory medications, which he fears could negatively impact the Philippines.

Fernandez noted a troubling 43% increase in the mortality rate since the start of mRNA vaccinations in early 2021, compared to a 2% rise in mortality from 2016 to 2020 attributed to COVID-19. He suggested that this dramatic rise could be linked primarily to either the virus itself or the vaccines.

Evidence presented during the hearings indicated that the deaths were not due to COVID-19 but were instead associated with the vaccines. Fernandez admitted that the legislative approval of the vaccines may have been a mistake, acknowledging the need to learn from this oversight.

Attorney Tanya Lat also raised concerns about vaccine-induced illnesses, such as “turbo cancers” and myocarditis, affecting even children. She criticized the Department of Health (DOH) for its failure to address the adverse effects and for appearing indifferent to those suffering from vaccine-related conditions.

Data analyst Sally Clark highlighted a disturbing trend in declining birth rates, showing a loss of babies every year since the pandemic began, with 2019 being the last year with normal birth rates.

Congressman Alonto Adiong criticized proposed amendments to the WHO Pandemic Treaty, accusing them of fostering a “fascist establishment” by bypassing individual states’ consent. He also expressed worry over the lack of accountability for global pharmaceutical companies, which are shielded from lawsuits related to vaccine injuries or fatalities.

As the Philippines grapples with these revelations and reevaluates its stance on mRNA vaccines, other countries, including the United States, continue to invest in vaccine production. On July 2, Moderna announced that the U.S. government had allocated $176 million in taxpayer funds to the company, highlighting the ongoing global investment in vaccine development.

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