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Severe Penalties for Homosexuality in Burkina Faso

Severe Penalties for Homosexuality in Burkina Faso

The military junta led by Captain Ibrahim Traoré in Burkina Faso has approved a revised family code that criminalizes homosexuality. This move positions Burkina Faso among the 22 out of 54 African countries that prohibit same-sex relationships, with some regions enforcing severe penalties including the death penalty or lengthy prison sentences.

The new Personal and Family Code (CPF) was approved by the council and explicitly enshrines the ban on homosexuality, according to a statement from the presidency. Minister of Justice Edasso Rodrigue Bayala confirmed that homosexuality and related practices are now officially prohibited and subject to legal penalties.

While specific penalties have not been detailed and the text still requires approval from the Transitional Legislative Assembly, Burkina Faso’s new stance aligns it with countries like Uganda, which implemented one of the world’s strictest anti-LGBTQ laws in May of last year.

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