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LN24 SA is an international 24-hour news channel broadcasting from Johannesburg, South Africa, reporting on current and factual hard-hitting news from around the world. With frequent daily updates and analysis in bulletins packaged by our excellent team of anchors, reporters, and production crew. LN24 SA brings you the latest and best in Politics, Business, Sports, and Christian News without fear and bias. In a world filled with propaganda, misinformation, and disinformation, LN24 SA is the home of truth and accuracy

Programs are 

AM Live
Loveworld 360
World Markets
War Room
Connecting the Dots
Faith and Policy
Geopolitics Now
African Perspectives
LN News
90 Minutes
Chronicles of Prophecy
LN24 SA Documentaries
Fite Sports Uncovered (FSU)
Townhall Debates