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Klaus Schwab to resign

Klaus Schwab to resign chair of World Economic Forum

Klaus Schwab, the founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum, has announced that he will resign as executive chairman next year. But according to reports will retain a non-executive role, most likely to run the show from behind the scenes now that he is one of the most disliked people on earth. But let’s […]

DNA contamination from mRNA

DNA contamination from mRNA vaccine manufacturing

DNA is present in the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines due to the manufacturing process – this has been verified by the FDA, Health Canada, and the European Medicines Agency. The mRNA vaccines are made from DNA; some of this DNA persists in the final product due to insufficient clearance. Initially, Pfizer reported that it would use […]


Chronicles of Prophecy: Weaponisation of Food

On this episode of Chronicles of Prophecy, Yvonne Katsande. Hillary Panashe, Michael Enudi and Progress Palmsprings tackle the GMO industry that is being used as a weapon to push the deep state’s agenda in humanity. Rutendo Matinyarare, renowned Zimbabwean anti-sanctions activist who is the Chairperson of Zimbabwe Anti-Sanctions Movement (ZASM) joins the team as an analyst. […]

Satanic temple claims

Satanic temple claims abortion is part of their religion

A satanic group known as the Satanic Temple is continuing attempts to overturn abortion bans in pro-life states by filing lawsuits claiming abortion is part of their religion. The group, which is based in Salem, Massachusetts, has filed lawsuits in Missouri, Indiana, Texas, and Idaho that so far have been unsuccessful (and considering the effectual […]

Climate change crisis

Climate change crisis is a global coup d’etat

The United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA-6) is currently taking place at the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. Pausing as the world’s top decision-making body on the environment, which is total fraud, UNEA aims to help restore harmony between humanity and nature, improving the lives of the world’s most vulnerable people. Yvonne […]

The Polish school system

The Polish school system is being moved to the left

Poland’s new education minister, the self-declared feminist, pacifist and LGBTQI activist Barbara Nowacka, in consultation with Prime Minister Tusk, has announced a comprehensive reform of the Polish school system, the essence of which has already come into force this year. The program is shocking, albeit painfully familiar to a Western European and the goal, namely […]

The Trans Agenda

The Trans Agenda: Leaders are warring against the deception

The alphabet gang has been pursuing a unique strategy of trying to coerce the masses to adopt the LGBT agenda, from lgbt themed books for children, to allocating themselves a pride month, and even attempting to entrench their narratives in the law. While these attempts were undergoing, some supported the efforts, attempting to characterise them […]

World Economic Forum

World Economic Forum: Travel will be for the elites

According to the World Economic Forum, travel will be for the elites, the poor will use VR Headsets. Although the metaverse is still in its infancy, global players have invested an estimated $180 billion over the previous few years in its development. The advancement of the technology is said to be reliant on research, invention, […]