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Pastor Chris announces June as the month of Prayer

Pastor Chris ushered the global congregation into the month of prayer during the June. Every year, June is designated as the month of prayer, and this year is no exception, as confirmed by the man of God during the recently concluded service. Pastor Chris read from the book of John 14:12-13, highlighting the words of […]

May is 'the Month of Prophecy' Pastor Chris Announces at Global Service

May is ‘the Month of Prophecy’ Pastor Chris Announces

It was with great excitement and faith that the global congregation received the Word of the Month as the man of God, Pastor Chris declared May to be the Month of Prophecy at the just concluded May Global Service with Pastor Chris. This month, you are going to prophesy, God is going to put His word in your mouth. You are going to speak words about your body, your family, your job, and your country and they will come to pass. Ezekiel 37:1-25 1 kings 13:1-6 2 kings 23:15-18

global communion service

April Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris Set to Give Direction for 2nd Quarter of 2024

April begins the second quarter of the year and many across the globe excitedly look forward to joining Pastor Chris for the April Global Communion Service. The special service slated for Sunday, April 7th, will be broadcast live to a mammoth global audience via all LoveWorld TV Networks, the Loveworld News TV channel. The service […]

March Global Communion

March Global Communion Service 2024

On Sunday the 3rd of March 2024 marks the Global Communion Service day for the month of March. Be transformed, renewed, and refreshed as you prepare to offer lavish praise and seasoned prayers of intercession to God and receive God’s direction for March 2024 as billions around the world join Pastor Chris for the March […]